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Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Problems

Alcohol is legally and widely available and is a socially accepted drug in our society.  When people start using alcohol they may initially regard it as facilitating their socialising and enhancing the pleasurable aspects of their lives.  Unfortunately this situation may change and drinking alcohol can become a routine and a habit.


Alcohol can become a problem when you become dependent on it and unable to cope without it.  Far from enhancing your life, it can become a destructive influence.  Although alcohol related problems are widespread, so too is the stigma associated with them.  Many people suffering from alcohol dependence often experience feelings of guilt, shame, and lack of control in their lives.  Because of the perceived social stigma, many sufferers may hide their dependency.


Alcohol dependency can have a significant affect your physical and psychological well being, and have a destructive impact on relationships and work.  Because alcohol dependency can involve physical and psychological and social components, it can be difficult to break.


Will power alone is often not sufficient.  And failed attempts to give up or reduce drinking may lead to a vicious circle reinforcing feelings of guilt, shame and helplessness.  Fortunately a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP can prove a very effective and lasting solution – and without a reliance on willpower!


A person’s pattern of alcohol use has been learned and as such can be unlearned.  Hypnotherapy can ‘interrupt’ and change some of the automatic links that have been learned and that maintain the dependent behaviour and carvings for alcohol.


Hypnotherapy is an effective, safe and rapid way of addressing alcohol dependency - whether it's a matter of giving up completely or simply drinking less.  You can take control of your life again.  With enhanced self- esteem and confidence, you can enjoy your life and look forward to the future.  



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Do you drink alcohol every day?  Do you drink too much?  Do you find it difficult to control your drinking habit?


Although many people find it difficult to acknowledge alcohol dependency as a problem, it is extremely common.  The regular relaxing after work drink (or two) in the evening, or the inevitable bottle of wine with dinner, is a common scenario.

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