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Not enjoying your golf or sports generally as much as you used too?  Your improvement stalled?  Confidence taken a knock?  I regularly see sports men and women with these and other problems – particularly golfers with the dreaded  ‘Yips’!  But help is at hand!  Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can provide fast, effective help.

Dr Phil Erwin provides Hypnotherapy to improve golf performance and treat the 'Yips'.

What is the Yips? 

For most people who experience the ‘yips’ it is a psychological block  and as such can be readily addressed by hypnotherapy.  Commonly the ‘yips’ is something which may occur after a golfing history without any such troubles.  It just appears out of the blue, perhaps triggered by some emotional, stressful event.  Often its origins can be traced back to a critical time in a competition, when the shot is crucial . . . Maybe it’s in front of in front of an audience . . . And then when the shot is missed, there is all the accompanying, angry, embarrassment and feeling very much like you have let down yourself and others.


With this sort of experience it is natural that a golfer will worry about his or her ability to cope with crucial shots in the future.  So the cycle of negative expectations, fear and failure is set.  


Help is at hand!  

Using hypnotherapy it is possible to address dysfunctional patterns of thinking, the loss of self-belief and confidence, fears and anxieties.  And its not only a case of addressing the negatives!  Hypnosis can also help you with your mental preparation for the game as a general means of enhancing performance.  


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With over 30 years of experience as a professional psychologist, Dr Phil Erwin will suggest solutions appropriate and specific to your golfing problems.  The general approach used involves a unique combination of powerful techniques.  The triangulation achieved by combining hypnotherapy with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) gives the techniques added power and impetus to resolve the problem concerned.


Get results fast! 

Dr Phil Erwin can help you address your golfing problems fast and, even better, effortlessly! You may hardly be aware of doing anything different, but many of the techniques are working with your mind at a subconscious level to resolve the problem and deliver the results you desire.


Don't delay, start enjoying your sport again!

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