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Selective Noise Sensitivity (Misphonia)

Misphonia is learned 

Selective noise sensitivity (Misphonia) is a condition in which certain sounds or noises become irritating and unbearable.  Misphonia  is similar  to a phobia in that a specific trigger or stimulus sound becomes maladaptively  linked to a strong emotional reaction.  But unlike the case of phobia, this reaction may typically be one of irritation or anger rather than fear.  The specific sounds that trigger these do not naturally arouse these strong emotions; they may be sounds that are insignificant to most of us.   It tends to be noises made by other people, such as the sound of someone eating or brushing teeth but it could be almost anything at all.


Misphonia is disruptive

Although misphonia may sound trivial to an outsider, if you suffer from misphonia it can disrupt your life considerably.  The response becomes automatic, outside of conscious control.   It may become so aversive that we structure our lives to avoid situations in which we are likely to encounter the tigger sounds.


You don't have to put up with a misphonia!

Many people suffer from misphonia for many years, but it is a simple truism that what is learned can be unlearned.  Hypnosis is a powerful way to influence those learned responses to specific sounds in the environment.  It can quickly and effectively re-educate your mind about what warrants an emotional response and what doesn’t.  Hypnotherapy can help you relax around those sounds that used to bother you.  It can free you of the inconvenience, effort and time wasted anticipating the problem sounds.  


You may be amazed that something that has caused you so much misery and inconvenience for so many years can be addressed so readily, leaving you free to enjoy life and experiences previously avoided.  At last, shared mesls that become a plessure devoid of the irritation and anger from the noise of other people eating!  


Look forward to a future free of selective noise sensitivity

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