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Phobias are disruptive

Phobias can be extremely disruptive and reduce the quality of a person’s life.  Phobic symptoms include hypervigilance (always being on the lookout for the feared objects), anxiety, panic, a feeling of loss of control.  A person may actually structure their lives, at great inconvenience, to avoid the possibility of encountering the phobic object or situation (e.g., not going to the dentist or not going on holidays which involve flying on an aeroplane).


We can develop a fear of almost anything!

A phobia can be developed to almost any object or situation, though three broad categories are often distinguished: Social Phobias, Agoraphobia, and specific phobias.  A Social phobia (otherwsie known as Social Anxiety Disorder) is an extreme anxiety associated with social situations.  Agoraphobia (literally ‘fear of the market place’) is popularly defined as a fear of open spaces, but in reality it can be defined somewhat somewhat  more broadly than this as a fear of situations seen as less familiar and hence more threatening and difficult to cope with.  Specific phobias are, as their name suggests, a response to a single stimulus category such as spiders, mice, heights etc.


Some phobias appear to be more readily learned than other, and hence are more common (e.g., spider and snake phobias are more common than clown phobias).  This has led to the suggestion that these more common phobias, may be genetically predisposed and represent a potentially very useful adaptation in evolutionary terms.


You don't have to put up with a phobia!

Many people suffer from phobias all their lives, but it is a simple truism that what is learned can be unlearned.  Modern approaches to treating phobias are fast and effective, typically requiring just one or two sessions of treatment.  Clients are often amazed that something that has caused them so much misery and inconvenience for so many years can be resolved so easily and rapidly, leaving them free to enjoy life and experiences previously avoided.  At last holidays abroad without the fear of flying or picnics without the fear of spiders or other insects!



Look forward to a future free of phobias

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Phobias are learned 

Fear is a natural and adaptive response to some objects and situations.  But it can sometimes be extreme, irrational and maladaptive.


Phobias have traditionally been recognised as the result of learning, either vicariously (indirectly, such as from watching the behaviour of others) or directly (a person’s own negative experience of the object or situation).  In some instances, a phobia can be learned almost instantaneously (one-trial learning).  Accounts of a phobia developing after a traumatic experience are common, such as developing a dog phobia after being bitten by a dog.

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