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Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

RLS is surprisingly common, and may affect, according to varying estimates, 2.5 – 15% of the population at some stage in their lives. Typically, as the name suggests, RLS is an uncomfortable, almost irresistible urge to keep moving the legs. If may affect one leg or both and may even, despite its name, affect other affect other areas of the body. The urge may be driven by feelings that are felt deep within the leg, often between the knees and ankles.  Though typically hard to describe, the symptoms are often reported as a burning sensation, an itch that can’t be scratched, a pain, tickling, pins and needles, a pulling, or many similar sensations.  Some people report little or no sensation, just the strong urge to move.  Most individuals with RLS also experience limbs jerking during sleep), which contributes to the disruption of sleep that is commonly associated with RLS.


Perhaps counter intuitively, the symptoms of RLS may actually be aggravated by relaxation. Hence it is often reported as being worse in the evening or at night, or when trying to sleep. Though any type of inactivity involving sitting or lying can trigger the sensations and the overwhelming urge to move.


The symptoms of RLS may be aggravated by alcohol, caffeine and tobacco, but movement usually produces some immediate relief, though usually only partial and temporary.  Drug therapies and physical therapies may also provide some relief of symptoms, though their effectiveness is debated.  Effects may be transient and, in the case of some drugs, there may be undesirable side effects.


Although RLS is a neurological disorder, the mind and body are intimately connected, and reciprocally influence each other.  Thus, it is well established and widely accepted that the symptoms of many physical illnesses may be aggravated or alleviated by the sufferer’s state of mind, their mood, attitudes and perceptions.


Hypnosis is a powerful tool for influencing mental and physical processes through the power of the mind. Expert, professional hypnotherapy can ease and reduce the symptoms.

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Restless Legs Syndrome (also known as RLS) is  long-established, medical condition.  It is a recognised as a neurological disorder which does seems to have an inherited (genetic) component in and as such a predisposition may seem to ‘run in families’.


The exact cause of RLS is not known.  For some RLS may be a relatively transient condition, lasting a few weeks or months, for others it may be the bane of their lives for many years.

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