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Initial Consultation: Free

     This typically lasts 20 - 30 minutes and can be by telephone or office-based.  Office based consultations incur a facilities fee of £20, which is fully refunded from the cost of the first session of hypnotherapy.




Standard Session (approx. 1 hour): £60 weekdays; £70 Saturdays.


          Sessions booked for longer periods are charged pro rata


Most problems require just 1 - 3 sessions



Unique and powerful Non-Smoker Special £130.00 

         This is consists of a single, extended session of approx. 1.5 hours.



Hypno-Band, the ultimate weight loss programme: £300


  • This consists of 4 sessions of Hypnotherapy + 3 CDs.

  • Fee may be paid in two parts (£150 at the first session and £150 at the thrid sesion)






CDs (also available as MP3s)


In response to a number of enquiries, I am now offering hypnotherapy CDs.  These CDs can be played whenever convenient and as frequently as needed.  For a minimal outlay, these CDs can be an effective alternative or supplement to face-to-face hypnotherapy.   At present the list of topics covered by my CD series is fairly limited, but I am adding to the list requested!  So if the one you need isn’t here, let me know and I will produce it and add it to the list as rapidly as possible.  


Currently available CDs:


               Becoming a non-smoker


                Assessment anxiety (for exams, driving tests etc)


               Pain relief


               Anxiety and social confidence


               Deep and restful sleep




Only £20.00 each (£10.00 when bought to complement a face-to-face session)

Sessions and Fees

  • Free initial consultation!


  • Highly qualified psychologist and professional hypnotherapist


  • Registered hypnotherapist (GHR)


  • Effective, evidence based approach


  • Individually tailored sessions


  • Group sessions (e.g., stop smoking) available at discounted rates.


  • Southport, Ormskirk, Formby, Crosby, Maghull and surrounding areas


  •  Standard Sessions approximately 45 - 60 mins in length 


Dr Phil Erwin Hypnotherapy

Please note: a stand-alone initial consultation is note required for the Quit Smoking Programme.