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Save money.  Most smokers spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year on cigarettes.  You can quit smoking in a single session of less than two hours and at just £140 the session will pay for itself very quickly!  What will you buy with the rest of the money you save?!


Be healthy, look younger and improve your lifespan!  Dozens of illnesses are causally related to smoking.  Within hours of quitting, your body will start to return to a normal, non-smoking state.  Your risk of the major illnesses associated with smoking will gradually reduce over time and your expected lifespan return to that of a nonsmoker.  Not only that, research also shows that smoking ages your appearance prematurely - and the longer you have been a smoker, the more marked this effect will be - definitely an incentive to give up smoking as soon as possible!


It doesn’t have to be difficult!  Willpower and cravings are not necessary parts of the process of giving up smoking (at least not with hypnotherapy!).  So you can give up NOW!!


So how does the hypnotherapy work?  The power and efficacy of hypnotherapy to stop smoking may sound too good to be true but my unique approach is based on powerful tried and tested techniques from hypnosis, NLP and Psychology.  Hypnosis is a mental amplifier and using direct and indirect techniques, this quit smoking programme works at a deep, subconscious  level to change or remove the thoughts and emotions that underpin the craving to smoke.  Without these foundations the cravings are eliminated and, almost without noticing, and without any need for superhuman willpower, the habit fades.  And you have become a nonsmoker!


Each session is tailored to the individual client.  To maximise effectiveness, each session is specifically tailored to the needs of each individual client!  The techniques used produce results fast and effortlessly.  Less than  two hours of your time, and no battling with urges and cravings.  Just relief and happiness in the knowledge that you have left behind the shackles of a habit that is becoming increasingly stigmatised.  You have achieved what a majority of smokers desire.  The programme is available in Birkdale, Southport  - and I also regularly see clients from Ainsdale, Ormskirk, Formby, Crosby, Maghull and surrounding areas of Merseyside and Lancashire.  In just 90 minutes  you can become a non-smoker for life.



All this for only £140!


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 Phone or e-mail me to arrange a session!  That's all it takes to start the process.  You can set a date for becomming a non-smoker in just ninety easy minutes!

With Dr Phil Erwin Hypnotherapy you can quite smoking in less than two hours!

And that’s not just hype! Psychological research has shown that hypnotherapy is by far the most effective way of giving up smoking.  Empirical studies - not just anecdotal evidence - have shown that professional, expert hypnotherapists can achieve success rates of up to 80%. This is more than twice as  effective the next best alternative method people use to stop smoking - and considerably easier and more effective than patches or willpower!

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